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Posted on November 24, 2011 at 10:00 AM


It has been confirmed that 47701 has had the mechanical work to the powerunit completed and pending a successful startup off newly aquired battery cells, replacing the old ones which were passed their best, she will be entering Dartmoor Railway's service roster as of this weekend.

Owner Tracy Lear had this unofficial statement earlier today

"Can all my friends who are interested in 47701 keep their fingers crossed for tomorrow. First start up is scheduled, time unknown, i will let you know how she behaves. YIPPEE ! :-D me happy at last."

Permission has been granted, pending aquiring a driver, for 47701 to be positioned in Meldon yard on Sunday afternoon, idling whilst a special charter First Great Western train, comprising of the soon to be retired from FGW service and returned to Northern Rail, Class 142 pacer Diesel Multiple Units.

47701 has been rostered to frontline the Dartmoor Railway's Santa and Mince Pie Specials until the end of the season. It is likely with the line's resident 08 shunter out of service for overhaul and the Thumper Diesel Multiple Unit also being in the throws of an overhaul that 47701 will be on the first services of 2012. It is still hoped that she will be joined in Spring/Summer 2012 by Garcia Hanson's Class 50 008 Thunderer. This will echo the period when 47701 entered service for Network SouthEast and was stabled with a few class 50s. It is also possible that a Class 31 will return to Dartmoor Railway, but at this time this is unconfirmed.

It has also been decided by 47701 owner Tracy Lear that Mk2 First Corridor Coach 13436, which Tracy Lear still legally owns, will be marketed as 47701's support coach. This decision comes about as at this time a more obvious support coach candidate that Tracy Lear owns, a Brake Second Open (unsure if it's a Mk1 or 2) is on contract to the Foxfield Railway and 47701 isn't likely to be going mainline in the near future so the FK is suitable for purpose on Dartmoor Railway. The progress on the coach continues at a pace with much of the interior completed and the exterior in undercoat, or first top coat. When this vehicle will enter service is unsure but likely in the new year if DR carriage and wagon have anything to do with it.

Posted by Stephen Lear - Site Owner and Admin and 47701 Co-owner

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