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Posted on November 27, 2011 at 5:30 PM


47701 was officially fired up at 10:35am on Friday 25th November 2011 by owner Tracy Lear at Meldon Quarry on the Dartmoor Railway. On start up the exhaust, which had been expected to be quite overwhelming owing to the length of time that the loco hadn't been started and run, actually only ran black for about 20 seconds then changed to white and was running clear within 2 mins. After some final fettling on the coaches, comprising of a Mk2 Buffet coach, a Mk2 Open First and a Electrical Multiple Unit Driving trailer and on 47701, the train was propelled up the yard before then making the brief run to Okehampton Station.

On arrival at Okehampton it was discovered that the engine was over-revving and the problem was sourced back to the fuel govenor. A test run to Bow was subsequently cancelled whilst work took place in the station to correct the problem. Work was completed in the evening and 47701 propelled the coaches back to Meldon. She was restarted yesterday and spend the day at Okehampton Station in advance of a private charter she had been booked for. During the opportunity at the station owner Tracy Lear re-christened the loco with a bottle of champaque poured over the front buffer beam and nameplate.

47701 ran faultlessly on the charter, first to Meldon and back then down to Bow and back. Comment was made by the driver and the guard that 47701 ran sweet as a bell, and was running so fast on the return to Okehampton from Bow that going down one of the banks the guard felt he could have nearly had a nosebleed, a notable difference to the class 31s that visited Dartmoor Railway December 2010. Overall owner Tracy Lear was happy with 47701's performance. The only problem came about when she was denied a ride on or behind her loco on the first passenger hauling train on Dartmoor Railway. It has been noted by the owner's representative of D1010, who is a good friend of 47701, myself and Tracy that one of us should always be in attendance when Dartmoor Railway intend on having 47701 running.

47701 is now rostered to run the Santa Specials and Mince Pie Specials.

Posted by Stephen Lear - Site Owner and Admin and 47701 Co-owner

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