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Posted on February 23, 2012 at 10:25 AM


First news update of 2012 and it is sadly not a good one. After many months of being denied rightful access to the locomotive, and enduring threats of violence made against the myself (owner's representative and son) and vandalism against the loco itself, locomotive owner Tracy Lear has taken the decision to terminate the contract with the railway, and seek a new base for the locomotive. This comes on the day that 47701 celebrates 46 years since introduction to Bristish Railways as D1932.

It is hoped that a new railway to base 47701 at can be located within a 100 mile radius of its current location. It is also hoped that which ever railway is happy to take 47701 into their care will also be happy to assist with plans by Tracy Lear and 47701's support crew to repaint the loco into Network SouthEast livery, which it will then carry until after its 50th birthday celebration.

It is also proposed that the Mk2 vacumn braked First Corridor coach 13436 that is also stored with 47701 on the Dartmoor Railway, will be available with 47701 as this is still legally owned by Tracy Lear after a gifting to the Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association, who are also being rather aggressive on the matter, could not be completed owing to the coach being joint owned with Tracy's now incapacitated (for the passed 18 months) husband Alan. This has undergone some cosmetic restoration and is in a non-authentic southern green paintwork, which can also be changed by the new base railway if they so wish.

A further up-date will be posted when the time comes for 47701's departure from Dartmoor Railway.

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