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Posted on September 21, 2012 at 1:45 PM


Dear All,

My most sincere apologies that is nearly 7 months since I last put a Latest News update. Although no progress has been made with regard 47701's current situation, other aspects have started falling into place which will greatly benefit the loco's wellbeing.

Western Falcon Rail Ltd, which of those of you who have been up close to 47701 will know, carries a plaque above her "Waverley" nameplates, is now a registered company, with the intetions of continued preservation of 47701 "Waverley", along with her road counterparts, 1978 Leyland National Mk1 THX 266S, 1983 Volvo B10M VanHool Alizee Mk1 RJI 4668 and 1984 Leyland Tiger Plaxton Paramount 3200 Mk1 TJI 8782. The company will be registered as a Community Interest Company, and will also be registered as a charity, therefore entitling us to VAT back on purchases for the loco, amongst other perks.

So, with regard the loco, the situation remains the same. It is still being held hostage and it is still impossible for us as owners to gain access to it. The First Corridor Mk2 13436 is still under dispute to, although a suggestion has been put forward by myself to the Chairman of the Dartmoor Railway Supporters Association, Mr. Dick Henrywood, via a annoymous gentleman who is working on our behalf, and liasing with DRSA and BARS (British American Rail Services)'s Representative Mr. Mike Fairburn. At present it has been established that the bill for the loco is near £10k, however we believe that this may well have dropped with the information passed to us that the battery cells, that BARS provided, have since been removed for use on another loco in their fleet. So £10K can easily be halved if this is the case.

I should also note for your interest that 47701 "Waverley" is in my ownership now, after my Mum, Tracy Lear signed it over to me a couple of months ago. My intentions, once 47701 is released back into my custody, is to allow my newly formed Support Team to go over the loco inch by inch making sure there is no damage that would cause a failure of the loco should it be required for any work, then it is hoped to get it repainted in Network SouthEast livery, therefore doing away with the horrible Dartmoor Railway two tone green. It is also hoped that the equipment, which would allow 47701 back onto the mainline, can be fitted, as I personally would love to see 47701 return to the mainline, and I know a good proportion of the Support Team are keen as well.

As regard the First Corridor Mk2 13436, it is hoped an offer of a straight swap to DRSA, where they would get 13436 and we would get a suitable alternative to use statically with another Mk2 I have aquired, which would be converted to living accomadation, will be met with a positive response, otherwise 13436 will be offered alongside 47701 when a new home is found. The other coach, a Mk2D BSO 9479, is currently being held in store at the Epping Ongar Railway, who are hoping to take delivery of a Mk2A BSO 9410, which is being used in straight swap for 9479 as 9410 is fit for service, just requiring bogie swaps, which will come from 9479, then a repaint into EOR's Blue and Grey livery.

And finally, a short note about our 3 road vehicles. THX 266S is hoped to be restored into Plymouth City Transport livery, by the Preservation Group of the same name. RJI 4668 is hoped to be returned to the road, after a 4 year gap very soon, and may be on hire to Carmel Coaches, likewise TJI 8782. Fingers crossed for all our current projects.

Posted by Stephen Lear - Site owner, Admin and 47701 "Waverley" Owner

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